Production: 1983

OS: Basic / Extended Basic
3.5Mhz clock
4 Kb ram
16 Colors
40 Columns
Audio: 1 voice

Mattel Aquarius

This little computer from Mattel released in 1983 had a rubber keyboard and a Z80 processor just like the Spectrum, it was expandable up to 20kb with a 16kb cartridge and the only peripherals were a cassette recorder and a printer. It had no joystick ports and mainly the keyboard was used to play, however it was possible to connect 2 pads only through an expansion module that could house 2 cartridges (program and memory expansion). It was not a success, the selling price is estimated at the 190$ but its limited features that were not up to the competition soon brought this computer to an end. There are few titles for this computer, about 21 out of 32 announced and not all produced. This is a brief overview of the Aquarius expansion ports: TV output only in RF Expansion / cartridge connector 22 + 22pin DIN cassette connector 5 Pin 3.5mm jack for printer Power cable connected directly and not removable from the computer Given the lack of success, few pieces were produced and now it is quite difficult to find this model at reasonable prices, if you want to try how it worked you can download an emulator, here you will find the links:
Mirco G

Aquarius Composite mod

Even the Aquarius only has an RF video output, a major limitation today, as the analog RF signal fell into disuse years ago.

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