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Lista e mappa interattiva dei condensatori schede Amiga.


Come emulare i nostri amati computer e console.


Tantissime cartucce per caricare giochi e programmi.


Strumenti utili per realizzare/testare circuiti elettronici.


Programma per unire e creare ROM personalizzate.


Tapecart SD

Ecco un altro modo per caricare i programmi nel nostro amato Commodore 64 o 128 (in modalità 64). Si tratta di una piccola scheda con pochissimi

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Amiga500 PSU FIX

In this article we look at the repair of an Amiga 500 power supply that had been recapped and suddenly stopped working.The problem was

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Mouse 1351 FIX

Mouse Repair for C64/128 I was given this mouse to repair with a strange defect.... Let's see what it had, but first let's figure out what it is! This mouse manufactured

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UniROM Vic20 e C64

Tired of having to buy or search for the right ROM to change for your Vic20 or C64? Now there is the UNIRETROROM!, a universal ROM that can

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