Production: 2019

C64 emulator - Vic20
Design very similar to the original
Real keyboard
4 usb ports
Hdmi output

Let's bring the C64 back to homes

If you have read the article on the truth Commodore 64 you will immediately realize how different it is, this is an imitation of it, what do I think? Is it worth it?

We must first say one thing, this is not a computer and does not want to replace the C64, if you love the real computer and want to use its peripherals, you will not be interested in having this model at home but it is still interesting and let's see Why.

The purpose of this machine is to revive the passion by using new technologies to create a simple product, with recent connections to allow everyone to connect it in a short time and have everything ready. If we take a look at how it is made inside, we can immediately notice the very small card that is the heart of this machine. This board is very similar to a Raspberry and works with a Linux operating system where the Vice emulator is installed. Everything is managed by a convenient graphical interface that allows you to see game previews, change startup modes and other configuration parameters (screen filter, 50 / 60Hz).

With this version (maxi) it is possible to start the machine directly on the Basic screen of the C64 or Vic20, a gem that makes it look a little more like a real computer.

The packaging is very nice, the colors and graphics are very reminiscent of the original box. Inside we find The C64, a USB joystick with additional keys for the emulator, an HDMI cable, a power supply and a manual (connection only, do not think about the nice manual of the real 64).

Compared to the small C64 mini they have solved the problem of lag (but now even in the mini it has decreased a lot), they have put 4 very comfortable USB ports to use a pendrive that is always connected and have free ones !. The keyboard is obviously working and that's exactly what the mini was missing, even the joystick has undergone an upgrade with the microswitches, the problem is that they are very hard .. follow this guide to solve the problem.
If you notice the 0 (zero) key of the keyboard is not like the real C64, they have aligned it in the center, but let's not get too much trouble and we don't have to measure if the case is high, long, wide the same, how much it weighs or if the pressure of the keys sounds empty… it's not the Commodore64 !. The keyboard, however similar, cannot be inserted in a real C64 either because this is USB and because the base is of different dimensions, even the keys have a different attack from the original.

The HDMI output is seen very clearly on a monitor / TV, the Vic20 mode is appreciated even more.
The keys are light and it is easier to write / program with this type.
Immediately ready, you switch from one mode to another in no time, the games are loaded instantly.
Ability to save to virtual disk created on USB and save (snapshot) during games.
Load disk files, cassettes, cartridges, programs and is configurable to set the load mode or to the joystick port.
It supports the mouse and emulates the REU.

There is no audio output, this only passes through the hdmi, if you connect it to a monitor you need a splitter or you will not hear anything.
The hdmi output on some TVs can give problems, enormous lag probably due to the TV scaler (you need to use the game mode on the TV).
The joystick is hard as a stone, ok they put the micro switches but you can't move it! (no need for oil is just like that).
It only has one game for the Vic20 and trying to load others I haven't had much luck.


You may be wondering if it is worth buying it ...
In my opinion yes, if you are interested in being able to quickly load the games, connect it and put it away in a moment, do not spend any more money on cables or peripherals, be able to see the C64 and Vic 20 on the TV / monitor in a simple way without having to configure anything on emulators.
Now let's talk about the price, when it came out in my opinion it had a high price, of course you pay for the novelty! however we are talking about an all plastic emulator and I was not convinced. Now, however, there are promotions for less than € 80 and in fact I got it as soon as I found the offer, there are no excuses, it is really a good price if you think that there is also a controller included that alone is worth about twenty EUR. You can find it in different stores and even online without shipping costs! (look good).
For geeks you can change the firmware to load the previews of the games present in the usb in the carousel mode.