Production: 1983

Clock 1.79Mhz
4 Kb ram
52 Colors
256x240 pixels
Audio: 5 voices

Nintendo Entertainment system

NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) is a historic console from the 1980s, more precisely it was presented in 1983 after the great crisis of the videogame industry that took place between 1982-1983 and sold in Japan under the name of Famicom.

The period was a real war between companies, there were many types of consoles and often each model did not have compatibility with the previous one, the market was saturated and it was played on the downside, computers were depopulating in homes thanks also to their reduced price and advertising that encouraged you to take a computer to play and program instead of a console.

Nintendo developed a console using the famous Mos Technology cpu (6502) with the intent to contain prices and was initially sold under the name of Family Computer (Famicom) in white and red for the Japanese market, with controllers connected directly to the machine and RF output only.
Later a restyling was made for the international market and the case became white and gray with controllers that could be connected in the front, it had composite outputs in addition to the rf signal and the cartridges were inserted inside a door instead of remaining external.

A new standard

The NES controller was a revolution compared to the classic joystick in use at the time, the classic cross for movement was invented by Gunpei Yokoi and then used in portable consoles. Compared to the joystick we find 2 buttons (A and B) instead of the classic fire and another 2 for selection and start.

Sales in Japan went very well, a little less in the rest of the world also due to the delay in marketing and a fairly high price.
The difference was also made by the games of this console, in fact compared to what was found at that time there were historical titles and some were not ported to other consoles.


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